Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Register an account with us by filling in your basic information. As a member of our platform you can deposit crypto currencies and invest in any of our plans available. Each plan comes with a specific lock period with upto 0.5% daily returns. Receive 1% bonus on your first deposit. Coinbase deposits will be approved instantly and direct crypto wallet deposits will be reviewed by our team and confirmed within 24 hours.

What will you do with my deposit?

Your initial deposit will be re-invested in crypto trading, forex trading, gold, silver etc. We take all the HIGH-risk and provide you with a LOW-risk investment.

When will I get paid?

Profit withdrawals can be requested on a weekly basis. All withdrawals will be reviewed by our team and processed every Wednesday of the week.2 Initial deposit can be requested to be withdrawn end of term based on the plan chosen.

What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment we accept only USDT and USDC on BSC network. USDC and ETH on the Ether network via Coinbase

What withdrawal methods do you accept?

At the moment we accept USDT and USDC withdrawals via BSC network only. We don't charge any withdrawal fees therefore we would like to keep our fees to minimum

I want to reinvest the funds received, is it possible?

Yes. You can re-invest as many times as required. All plans will end automatically after the term

Is there a referral program?

Yes. You can find your unique referral link in your user dashboard. When a user registers via your referral link and makes the first investment you will receive a 5% commission.

Are my funds at risk?

Every Crypto related project comes with a potential risk. Anyone wishing to invest should seek their own independent professional financial advice tailored to their situation. We re-invest your capital with caution to the best of our knowledge and keep it very transparent.